Welcome to Connection Salon!

Connection Salon started at the Lost+Found Cafe at 33 West Hastings, Vancouver in the fall of 2018. In 2021 the Cafe has closed so we have been looking for a new location. We are happy to announce that our activities will resume at The Gathering Place Community Center at 609 Helmcken Street. This space is aimed at being a low barrier exhibition space committed to exhibiting underrepresented artists and artists with lived experience with mental health issues.

The Gathering Place


Current Show:

I (Eye) Contact
March 15 to April 28, 2024

Next Show:

Embracing CRIP Tomorrows
In partnership with Kickstart Access Fest

Kickstart Access Fest

The theme of the exhibition for Access Fest 2024 is focused on crip futurisms (we welcome artists who self identify broadly within mad, deaf, disabled, and trauma impacted communities). We want to know: how does your art story futures of hope for our communities?

Crip is a term, similar to mad, that is used as a way of showing pride in being disabled (at Kickstart we use disability broadly; but this is meant to include anyone within communities or experiences that are disabled, d/Deaf, mad, trauma impacted, experiences with mental health). Crip futurisms can be simply explained by relating it to "hope" (crip futurisms is about the hope of dreaming into futures where all disabled people are valued in society).