INTERSECT | February 20 - April 17, 2020
(Poster designed by Barbara T)


Three artists, three distinct styles, three lives intersect in this show. Each of them brings their own unique vision and dialogue through their art. This trio met through Coast Mental Health and have exhibited together for many years. Each has dealt with barriers, stigma and mental health issues. In this exhibition, they interpret the cityscape through elements of memory, history, change, alienation, and the human psyche.


Leef Evans
Mike Levin
Sandra Yuen MacKay

Leef Evans finds succour within the therapy of painting. At present he is in the midst of "100 Paintings of Vancouver". He is stretching and painting one hundred works 30" x 40". For the past year and a half, Mike Levin has been articulating with his ink paintings the negative implications of gentrification and densification of Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. He finds that contributing to the community by showing his art helps him feel accomplished in life. Sandra Yuen MacKay, living with mental illness, finds refuge through her art and writing. "Painting keeps me sane, gives me an identity, a purpose in life, and fills me with its healing power. These paintings are my joy and passion."